Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a reservation?
Yes. All seats are purchased in advance. All seats are assigned. Purchasing online is the best option. Purchasing early is a must, to make sure you get in to see the show. Our productions are popular, and we are a small space...we sell out fast and frequently. Hey, isn't that a movie? The Fast and the Frequent? No? Moving on... 

What time do the doors open? What time do the shows start?

Fri/Sat Doors open at 7:00pm. Shows still start at 8:00pm. 

Sundays Doors open at 1:30pm. Show still starts at 2:00pm.

I'm having an issue purchasing online.

9 times out of 10, it's human error instead of an issue with the credit card website. But don't worry...we can help. 

  • Is your operating system up to date? If not, that could be the issue navigating between windows. Install all current updates available and try again. 
  • Are you sure you put the correct credit card number or email address in? Our eyes deceive us, sometimes. Try again. 
  • Are your "pop up blockers' on? That's a common issue that will not allow you to continue.
    • Don't know what a pop up blocker is? No worries, you can Google it to learn how to fix it. 
  • ​Is your internet slow, or is your computer running slow because of memory issues? You may need to resolve these on your end.
  • In rare cases, we may be out of tickets and have not had a chance to change the website yet. 
  • ​If all else fails and this is really giving your day a bad vibe. call us and leave a voicemail. We'll call you to get your CC number for your tickets.

I'm not sure how this "purchasing online" works.

  • Go to the ticket page. Find the date you wish to attend.Choose your seat type (low or tall, regular or senior). Click on it.
    • ​​A new window opens. Next to "Qty" highlight and type in the number of tickets you want.  click  ADD TO CART
    • ​​A new window opens.
      • ​This is another chance to change quantity of tickets ​​
        • Enter the information requested (Name, email, phone, card number and card details)
        • This is where you can let us know if you are part of a larger party in the​ Add additional note to merchant box above the green Place Order button.  For example: Seat me with the Jackson party, please. 
        • You can also let us know any special needs here. For example: My husband has a walker/wheelchair. This is very helpful to us. 
          • Now click  PLACE ORDER
          • Follow instructions from there. 

I bought tickets, but now I can't come on that date. What are my options? 

We are happy to help. Here are your options:

  • Space permitting, we will do everything we can to get you in on another date during the run of the show. Please note, the seats will most likely not be in the same spot as your previous reservation. But, space permitting, we will get you the next best available seat on the new date.
  • You can sell or gift your ticket to a friend (That's between the two of you). Just email or call to let us know who is taking your place. 
  • We are compassionate about life changes, but unfortunately, as a business, we cannot refund tickets because of a change on your end. Nor do we credit the ticket towards a future show, as you did not originally purchase a seat for a future show. We promise we will do everything possible to move you to another date within the run of the show you purchased tickets for, and we appreciate you being open minded, and patient, about the changes you have presented to us. We will work hard to resolve things within the parameters we have to work with.

​Will I get my own table? 

It depends on how many are in your party. Our cabaret tables seat four (both the low and tall tables) and we fill the tables.

If you are a party of one: You'll be seated with up to the three other fun people at a table.

If you are a party of two: You will sit with another party of two. We do not plan tables for just two.

If you are a party of three: You will, most likely, be seated with a person who purchased a single ticket. A chance to make new friends! 

If you are a party of four: You will have your very own table for four. 

If you are a party of five, six or seven: You'll have a lovely LOW six foot table to share. 

If you are a party of eight or above: We will extend the LOW six foot table to accommodate the size of your party. 

How is my seat assigned? 

See above for some helpful info on the size of your party. 

​Seats are assigned as tickets are sold, in a first come, first served basis. We are a tiny, cabaret style theater with bistro tables. We start at table A and assign as orders come in online. The savvy Limelight patron purchases at least a four to five weeks in advance (or more) to make sure they get in before we sell out. Ordering tickets the day before or day of a show significantly reduces the chance to get in, but it is always worth a try. We just ask that you not request "front row" on those days, as you will not get your request.  Sorry. 

Do you sell Season Tickets?

In the past, we have not. However, we plan to have the entire season of show tickets online and available to purchase very soon. You can plan your shows and purchase tickets to all remaining shows in the season,  if you like. "But isn't that the same thing as Season Tickets?" you ask. Not exactly. "Season Tickets" come with an assumption of the same seats at every show, discounts and sometimes perks. With our limited space, and budget, we feel it would be very difficult to honor that and make our patrons happy.  Simply put, we could not guarantee a specific table for each show and still be fair to all patrons. Especially if you purchase "First Saturday" of the run, and want to change to "Third Friday", and want to sit with the Smith's who are not season ticket holders, but ordered last minute and want to sit in the front row. To quote Ricky Ricardo.."Aye, yi yi!" See the logistical challenge/nightmare? We just don't have the staff to juggle it.


Our goal, other than quality productions, is to keep all of our patrons happy. So, if it makes you happy to purchase five shows in advance, that's awesome. Please do! If you don't make any date changes, and are in the first four to five tables purchased, you'll most likely be up front. But if there are changes, we will make sure you get the next best available table in the run. It just might be in the back. 

How do I order a meal from The Milias Restaurant? 

You can pre-order a meal from their "Limelight Theater To Go" Menu (please order by 4pm on the date you are coming). They will bring the meal to the theater at 7:00pm. It's that easy! Their number is 408-337-5100.  Please note you cannot order a meal at the theater, it must be done in advance. You can see the current menu here.

Where does the money for corkage and concessions go?
Great question! ​Limelight partners with Gilroy Arts Alliance, the non-profit organization the runs the Gilroy Center for the Arts. They operate and staff all concessions at our shows. The funds go to the Center to support the operation of the building. Every purchase you make helps to support the arts.

Is there parking?
Oh, yes. There is a beautiful, paved parking lot right next to the Center. Handicap parking is available and it is very well lit.

What if I want to come for the show only?
Never a problem. Just let us know when you make a reservation and you will still have a table waiting for you. Plan to arrive by 7:45pm.

Can my organization  book the entire theater for a night?
Absolutely! Make it a fun night out for clients, family, or other special people you work with or know. It can be a fundraiser or just a "thank you night" for clients. We make it affordable and offer a stylish evening with a quality show. Make sure to give us at least two months notice. Call us for more information.